Sunday, 3 July 2011

More international tales

Hanging out at the guebec city airport, have a good amount of time so here is the rundown. travel here was solid smooth like butter. Training on the course was good, it was a little damp out there in spot. Except for the Ontario section which was bone dry and sandy.

Got to watch the kids race at nine thirty which was neat, I dont usually get to watch my teammates race much. They trucked her pretty good out there. Gave me some motivation to be on my A game.

Race day was nice and hot by 2 30, Stayed as cool as possible, rolled up to the line pretty much at the back, no biggy, stated sure enough almost ended up in a pile up right off the gun. Stayed upright, stayed positive. First singletrack was all just hike a bike, got to the beatrice, opted to stay on the bicycle. Probably a bit excited, rode the left hander into it too fast lost the front end and tucked and rolled. I was fine, but my stem was turned at about a 45degree angle.

Luckily im old school enough to still carry a tool with me, I was at the back, 1 st lap, so i opted for a proper fix, took my time to make sure I wouldnt need to stop again, and with the follow moto revving his engine behind me, I got going again.

Didnt take long to catch back up, took me a while to get onto some clear trail, Then I was able to start cranking out some good laps.

Rode up to Cameron, followed him into the beatrice, he crashed right where I did and as it turns out so did about half the field. I didnt have anywhere to go, ended up rolling off my bike again, im pretty sure we were in a full embrace at one point. Now apparently I got back on and yelled as I rode past him, I dont remember that part.

After that nothing to exciting, at the end of 5 I caught Bishop, and started getting my head into last lap mode, when out of nowhere a commisaire jumped out of the woods and stopped the two of us. First world cup pull in a while. bummed but thats the way the cookie crumbles.

Got a few UCI points, held it together, had some good laps.

So home, some good livin, then off to New York for more bike racin goodness,

Thanks to my team for a great stay and of course Kevin and Norco for the support.

AWI front, im working on some recruiting, stayed tuned there could be some new names pop up on the roster. Of course i need to run them past the president first.

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