Sunday, 7 August 2011

If You're Not First, You're Sixth

Kelso O cup report, and since i am the only one that raced it i guess i have to write the report.  Pre rode yesterday and it was super dry, and prbably the best course i've ever ridden at Kelso.  With the threat of rain Sunday i was ready for whatever, until i woke up and saw it was actually pouring, then decided i didn't want to ride in the rian.  Turned to the trusty radar and it reassured me that it would stop.  By the time race time came around it had been dry for a couple hours and the sun came out just in time to cook us on the climb up the escarpment 5 times. 

Kinsie and i had decided to race for last and second last.  Gun went off and i started my nice chill climb settling into a solid 20th or so.  Everyone was trying to kill it the first lap and there were some mistakes made on the remaining few slippery sections.  After lap 1 i was sittig just inside the top 15 and just plugged away at it.  At the end of the second lap Bretton caught me and i turned it up a bit to see if i could hang on.  I did and he towed me around for 2 full laps....Thanks again Brett.  During that time i got all the way up to 6th and all i had to do was hang on the last lap and not screw it up.  Held the position and got the hurt on the last half lap.  Good race overall. Kept all my laps between 25:01 and 25:47 so pretty consistant i'd say.  Pounded back some choco milk at the end, accepted my huge pay cheque and headed for the Booster Juice.  Nom nom. 

Not sure what the team is up to next. Maybe an interclub road race, maybe East Coast Open, for me the next thing will be the M View 9 hour solo.  All for now. Just wondering when the next AWI slip 'n slide party is......


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