Thursday, 30 June 2011

A few changes and an addition

I apologize in advanced.  As the team grows and the event list gets long the site needed just a little TLC  There are some reprints of previous posts but things will be much more streamlined now.  More race updates to come, World Cup this weekend for one team member, some recovery time for others, training for the remainder of the team.

Speaking of the team, we all went to welcome Sean Ruppel on as an official member.  Mainly its because we want to play with his breasts, his riding ability is questionable but his dog seemed to help influence the selection committee to allowing him to join the most exclusive race team in Ontario.  I do believe the Muskee's influence was more on the sacrificial body offering in the means of a chew toy to the three wise dogs.  They have yet to receive the offer.

The selection committee

Starbuck, food works to bribe your way past this judge, of course after she eats your hand off your riding ability may be limited.

Rogue, the silent one, the young one.  Not much is known of this judge.  Potentially the decider.
Molly, has Nascar passed the best and speed check crashed the best.  Impress her with your technical skills and speed, you may get in.  Slow up and she will put you into the wall.  

Brenden Matheson,

 The only man who can smile and puke at the same time.  Would rather race in a pair of Daisy Duke shorts than a team kit.  Feels that everyone should dress like a super hero, even if you're not.

Andrew Parry,

Although he has opted to live in the country known as Quebec he helps with the international presence.  Has been seen more at night than during the daylight hours.

Chris Wong,

 The only man who feels that the team kit doesn't have enough pink in it. Feels that looking fast is way more important than being fast.  Closet team member, closet something else????

Matthew Spak,

 The old guy of the team, of course this doesn't mean he has much wisdom.  Doesn't ride that fast so compensates by doing really really long races.  Writes better than he rides and most times that's even in question. 

Shannon Spak,

 Yes that is a horse.  She rides horses faster than we ride bikes, she also runs faster for fun than most of the team does scared.  Turning to the dark side and will be seen running and more so riding in the flashy colours.  Yet another woman on the team to put shame in the boys during the winter training. Not officially a Spak but accepted the proposal.

Tammy Simmons,

 Rides to eat.  If her bike was made of chicken she probably wouldn't leave the house.  Only injured 7 children as she pushed her way through the line up for this picture.  Does the same for lineups with Santa and the Easter Bunny.  Can't officially race for the team, closet racer.  

Jeremey Simmons

Old man Simmons, has more pins and screws in his right knee than the local hardware store. Lives in a house made of bubble wrap.   Has the best Just Walking Along story, so good he repeated it.  Has been taunted more than once by one of the members of the selection committee. Runs some bike shop that doesn't allow him to race in his true team colours. Closet racer, .

Scott Irwin

One thought, he may be piloting the plane you're in.  Scared yet?  Was asked nicely to sober up a bit before his lap by a bunch of guys drinking during a 24 hour race.  Has been trapped up in the land of moose and rednecks.  Well rested and well fueled for the race season.

Brandon Parker

At 6 foot 20 or something massive Brandon is known for making trails wider as he rolls through with absolute grace. After many years of being unskilled he left the triathlon world to become a cyclist. Has the ability to break a bike just by looking at it and has more JRA stories than he should for his age. Riding for some random central Ontario bike shop, weak but is a closet team racer and will go into the light. 

Jacob McClelland

The other half of the twins.  What he may lack in power he makes up in weight saving.  Only person who would take a dremel tool to an xtr shifter because it's to heavy.  Has been known to run down small children during the weekly race series.  

Liz Ross

Jersey designer, treasurer etc etc. Know as Deathmarch Liz can you see why we gave her control of the money. Has the ability to make the strongest cyclist beg for her to slow down, there's a fast pace then there is LRP (Liz Ross Pace). The team's navigator, Liz has some internal gps that keeps us from being lost in the woods and eaten by cougars. 

Andrew Watson

Owner and V/P of AWI, because of contract rules can't officially race for his own name sake but has promised to flash the team jersey at a World Cup. Is know to be faster than his hair and creepier than his mustache. Can be seen on billboard and videos through out the country and those aren't even the ones the cops have. Has dreams of following in Siskel and Eberts foot steps as a movie reviewer if this cycling thing doesn't pan out. Lucky for us he rides pretty good for a little guy. Closet team member

Tristan Spurr

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Besides this Matt and Tristan managed to win the tag team division.  Andrew was again called a ringer by more than one team and Brandon was cause of a major pileup during the first lap slow 80% of the field to a stand still.  A very successful 24 hour of Summer Solstice

Thursday, 23 June 2011


like I said we are the most diverse team in canada just all over the place racing anything with two wheels

Chillin on the coach after a long day, started off with a nice scenic drive down to Belfountain early to make sure I could pick up my race numbers. Got there a little after 8, signed in met up with Kevin and met the H & R block riders who are part of the Norco family rocking the bikes on the road scene, nice group of guys. Even got some free tax advice.

With a long wait I headed to Orangeville for some interwebing at Starbucks. Got back and got ready for my 1:41 departure. weather seemed to changing by the minute, warmed up on the trainer as it seemed like the thing to do.

Good downpoor just before the third wave which i was in got started making for a nice slick road surface. For some reason I was put in with the heavy hitters, had some serious horsepower behind me, Darko Ficko, Ed Veal, were just minutes behind me, Osmond Bakker was my minute man.  Then all the superstars, Tuft, Zach Bell etc. A few more minutes back.

Got started heard there was a nice climb on the way out and not to kill it the first lap, check, my legs were feeling a little angry anyway. After that I got into a nice groove, probably took the corners a little easier than I should have but really had no idea what they were like dry so I wasn't gonna push it.

Course was very similar to our now old club TT course. Never flat always rolling, so it was good. Most exciting moment of the race was ont he fastest decent on the course I was almost spinning out so probably close to 60kph and gravel truck headed the other way at 80-90, with aero wheels in an already windy stretch yeah I'm very glad I had the whole lane use.

Lapped through feeling good, heading out for the 2nd lap legs really started to come around, Charlie and team Ontario rider caught me, but once I found my legs wasn't able to come by, and and then I realized I still hadn't been caught by anybody, Ed, or Darko, gave me a little motivation to know I wasn't going to get demolished by those guys.

Looking at my watch started to realize I had a fair amount left in the legs, after the last turn I accelerated stuck it in my biggest gear and just tried to spin it as fast as I could to the finish. 1:03:08. 40.8658 kmh on a rolling course with some wind. 6:40 back from Tuft (who won by nearly a minute) 40th out of 61 starters, Ill take that I was secretly hoping for a 61-62 minutes, but ill take that time and result.

As for the race within the race, Kyle Fry took top honors besting me by 21 seconds, with some mechanical issues, so I must give credit where credit is due. Kudos young man.

side notes, the entire Rocky Mountain team wasn't able to start cause their forks were out of the 3:1 rule, Charlie Bryer had to use his road bike with aero parts, so yeah they were tight on the new bike regs, 12 DNS's I think most of those were bike regulation issues.

Here's the altitude graph, my hr monitor went wonky partway but the elevation shows the rolling never flat nature of the course.

Anywho, im tired.

good times, I'd love to do more TT's in the future it has that certain mystique, just you and a bike, no BS unless you make up the BS.

Huge thanks to Sue Haviland for the bike,  Brandon Parker for the sick wheels, and  Havy for the help today,

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Canada Cup update

rich update from the previous weekends Canada Cup. Team did well, Andrew aand Jacob played with the nations best, Andrew doing it with some european cold that would have put a weaker man on the side lines moaning and whining. Solid race by both, Andrew 11th, Jacob 19th.

At a later time slot Matt and Tristan took on the gear less crew. Some late race battles found the boys with good results also with Matt finishing 5th and Tristan in close pursuit in 6th. Chris and Brandon had some fun in the Sr Ex division and were both attacked with some bad luck, both will be ready for the next one.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Warning to the general public

Team update, other provinces and country have come to AWI Racing's backyard to play. Some were invited others were not. This weekends Canada Cup at Hardwood will be see some official colours, gang signs, and possible a ride by. Stay tuned as details or police reports become available.