Sunday, 24 April 2011

AWI's Andrew Watson does South Africa

Back at the team Canada compund after a solid day of Baseball. All was dialed coming into today thanks to Dan and Scott, the weather gods were smiling on us, must have been the monkey I sacrificed yesterday. All that was left was to warmup and kill it or as Pete would say punch some snakes in the face.

Got lined up in the smallish field of 114, I was definetly closer to the back than the front. After seeing the start list I changed up the race plan a bit. Decided to just chill out and maintain my position the best I could. Not try to burn to many matches early on. With 6 minutes of intensity since Columbia I was cool with riding into the race a bit.

Start was pretty good, actually pretty civilized for a WC start I thought. On the open Doubletrack my legs were screaming at me. lapped through in the high 80s I think. Legs started to come around, as guys were starting to crack so I was able to start moving up through the field. The bone shaker was insane first two laps there were just guys laying on the ground all over the place. Had to run the bottom part twice.

Heading out onto the third lap, I started to turn on some more cylinders. Moved up five to ten spots a lap. Mostly on the bone collector with two to go I managed to get into the top 60 which would have been sweatness for the following world cup callups, but the legs started to give out a bit, held onto it for a lap but cracked on the final lap and just had to put it into damage control.

Lost some spots but manged to get a few back before crossing the line in 68? Ish. Happy I rode a clean smart race. Better than Dalby last year.

Three weeks to crank it up a couple notches before round two and three.

Big thanks to Scott and Dan for a great trip.

I also totally expect it to be nice and warm when I get home, I could get used to this 20's plus weather. 

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