Tuesday, 3 May 2011

My turn

Tammy here, since Jacob wrote the Paris to Ancaster report, Andrew wrote a South Africa world cup report and every other AWI team member wasn't racing it was up to me to write down my thoughts about Mansfield.

Pre-ride day was solid, did some tempo laps and practiced my starts as per my coaching instructions from my awesome coach Peter. Got to see my best friend Andrew Watson, he was in a very good mood and wasn't grumpy at all.

Race day came around,  my bike was all ready to go thanks to my awesome husband Jeremy who washed and prepped my bike. Lined up with a nice size field of 16 women. Pete told me to kill it off the start so I did. the rest of the race is kind of a blur, finished 6th and was able to hold off three other women who were all within 60 seconds of me.

All for now

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  1. must have written this during the 3rd lap of the race, cause I don't remember that lap and I don't remember writing this either :)