Friday, 13 May 2011


Next goal for the team is to have more than 2 people at a single event. It was up to Liz, Jacob and myself (owner/vice-president) to represent at the Barrie Cycling Club 15 TT out at the fairgrounds in Oro.

Liz was on Photography duty while Jacob and I tackled the TT course in our respective categories. Jacob in the Eddy Merckx category and myself in the newly formed MTB with slicks category. We'll call it the Killen category.

We met up on Bass lake sideroad for a team warmup, and then rolled into rave reviews of the kits, people were pleasantly surprised to see a kit that will stand out.

Jacob and myself both topped our cats, I also accomplished my goal of besting Jack on my MTB, even though he doesn't accept it as I was riding slicks.

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