Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Victoria's 100 miler

To say this was one of the hardest races I've done would be an understatement. Tough course, lot's of climbing, great single track and a mix of weather took it's toll on my body. Started out at a pretty conservative pace, leading the group for the first 10km or so, a slight break in the group and I chilled and let it go. It's a long race and I've seen that happen before.

Body started to do some strange things in the first half of the race but mentally pushed it aside and continued to push along. Things went downhill on the second lap as what I thought was heat stroke kicked in. Stubborn as I am and with a pretty twisted threshold of pain I kept pushing along holding on to a top 5 overall finish and second in division. Unfortunately this also got me a trip to the hospital for a lube, oil and filter. It was not the most enjoyable post race meals I've ever had, didn't taste as good as the burgers that were being cooked up at the venue.

The heat that came blasting in got to me, with little to know real training in it over the last few months when it hit it hit hard. Overall a great race, minus the hospital stuff. Would have been great not slowing down to snail's pace during the second lap, normally where I shine is later in the race. Not this time. I'd recommend this race to anyone up for an epic challenge.

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