Tuesday, 24 May 2011


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Race day. Legs were feeling ok warming up but not great by any means so i spun around with only a couple short efforts and rolled to the start line. After the Quebecois started the call up wrong and everyone got mad they sorted it out and we were off. 82 guys on the start, with some chaos in the first singletrack causing my front skewer to be flicked undone by someone elses wheel. Not to panic, we were climbing and it didn't need to be done up for a bit. Saw some guys hopping off for a technical corner and i took the chance to just off, do up the wheel and then actually ran it past a couple guys who were getting jammed up behind one another. After that things calmed down and i settled into my pace.

From there it was all uphill. Just started picking guys off and never looked back. At the first feed i was in the 30's and each lap got some positions. Managed to sit in behind someone for the bike path section for 4 of the 5 laps, with one of them behind Zach while he tried to TT it away for 3 others. It didn't work. Lap 5 i was on a mission to catch Noble and a french guy, and by the top i was just behind them, maybe 20 seconds benhind Noble and 10 behind french. I caught them both on the dh and once we hit the bike path nobody was willing to pull the others to the finish. I sat on the back and right before it got twisty made my move and was off. Beat them both in and ended up 18th. Super happy with that. Pretty sure it is my best Canada Cup result to date in Elite and will shoot for another good one at Hardwood.

After the race had some pizza then headed back to the condo to find Jer and Tammy who should have both been racing. Jer thought he broke his bike and Tammy the healthy paleo person was vomiting. Maybe eating nothing but meat and vegtables, then drinking 5 litres of heed has something to do with it. I dunno, just saying, i eat as much wheat and sugar as anyone anf don't recall the last time i was sick or had digestion issues. Well i'm sure i've offended a bunch of people who are on that diet so i'll end here.

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