Monday, 9 May 2011

Interclub Road Race

My name is Tristan Spurr and I'll be your host today.

This past weekend was the first Interclub race.The Race started at the 15/16th side road and the 7th.We had a team meeting before the start and Watson decided to use similar starting tactics  as used by Tammy during her race at Mansfeild. Team director Watson informed me (Tristan) that the first lap was mine and I was to pin it for the 15km first lap (he was joking but didn't clarify so I did it anyway).Thought it was weird but I'm not one to challenge a famous World Cup competitor.

Gun went off and so did my MTB style start.Went into TT mode and didn't take my foot off the pedal. Apparently there was a pretty large gap between the AWI three and the rest of the pack.I wasn't about to  shut her down until the lap was over and Watson realizing this made him think if I didn't shut it down it could cause some anger within the group, he then road to Jacob and mentioned that we had lost the pack.Jacobs response was "good".Watson then jumped in front of me to slow it down, I of course thought he was giving me a break and as soon as he dropped back I put the power back to full.After I noticed Andrew and Jacob dropping back a bit I realized I should turn it down and join the group.

Unfortunately that hole start thing kind of left a sour taste in everyones mouth and set the tone for the rest of the race.No one really wanted to work with any one and the group never really got organized.There were a lot of little random attacks wich caused both spak and I to fall off the group.Jacob Stayed up for most of it but apparently the group split on the final lap leaving him split from Watson.Watson allegedly through down one last attempt to catch the lead group but couldn't  reel them in before the finish.

Solid ride by the team but we still have some work to do.Maybe a training camp or two...Thanks to the clubs for an awesome day in the sun and also a round of applause to Elizabeth for working the corner....It was hot for me, I can only imagine what it was like for her....




  1. I was working the corner eh? To clarify... I was a course marshal... I'm not sure how successful one would be working the corner of Old Barrie Rd and the 4th line.

  2. haha, thanks for your help on the corner, Liz!

  3. yes you did, you should have seen what she was doing when the pack was gone. And you wonder why the cop was chilling in town, it was a stakeout and Liz was the bait