Monday, 30 May 2011

Team AWI getting a sneak peak of the Olympic course, all we need to do is form our own independent nation and field a team next summer. 

and my Offenburg World Cup report

I got an awesome pep talk from Scotty he put Al Pacino's inches speech to shame. Got lined up in a solid field of 155, smaller than what i thought it would be. It was going to be a long hot one by today standards. Played it chill off the start. If i'm super aggressive or just patient I always end up in the same place after the start loop. First lap was full of bottleneck goodness, which is nice for keeping up foreign relations and picking up useful euro swear words.

After the first two laps, I got in a solid group of three other guys. Once we got rolling we started freight training individual riders. It was a good group, we didn't jit each other out, like I've said before its like daytona, you need to find the cars that work with yours. The group lasted till almost the last lap when it fell apart and I attacked off the back.

Jumped on Adams wheel for a bit as he came by but faded of him as well. Last lap was a battle with JHK,  in the end he had more kick than me and I came across in 68th. Same as south africa, but I probably had a better race in a deeper field here.

Big thanks to the Staff, Kelly, Scotty, Kyle and Dan trip was awesome.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Article from

Race day. Legs were feeling ok warming up but not great by any means so i spun around with only a couple short efforts and rolled to the start line. After the Quebecois started the call up wrong and everyone got mad they sorted it out and we were off. 82 guys on the start, with some chaos in the first singletrack causing my front skewer to be flicked undone by someone elses wheel. Not to panic, we were climbing and it didn't need to be done up for a bit. Saw some guys hopping off for a technical corner and i took the chance to just off, do up the wheel and then actually ran it past a couple guys who were getting jammed up behind one another. After that things calmed down and i settled into my pace.

From there it was all uphill. Just started picking guys off and never looked back. At the first feed i was in the 30's and each lap got some positions. Managed to sit in behind someone for the bike path section for 4 of the 5 laps, with one of them behind Zach while he tried to TT it away for 3 others. It didn't work. Lap 5 i was on a mission to catch Noble and a french guy, and by the top i was just behind them, maybe 20 seconds benhind Noble and 10 behind french. I caught them both on the dh and once we hit the bike path nobody was willing to pull the others to the finish. I sat on the back and right before it got twisty made my move and was off. Beat them both in and ended up 18th. Super happy with that. Pretty sure it is my best Canada Cup result to date in Elite and will shoot for another good one at Hardwood.

After the race had some pizza then headed back to the condo to find Jer and Tammy who should have both been racing. Jer thought he broke his bike and Tammy the healthy paleo person was vomiting. Maybe eating nothing but meat and vegtables, then drinking 5 litres of heed has something to do with it. I dunno, just saying, i eat as much wheat and sugar as anyone anf don't recall the last time i was sick or had digestion issues. Well i'm sure i've offended a bunch of people who are on that diet so i'll end here.

Victoria's 100 miler

To say this was one of the hardest races I've done would be an understatement. Tough course, lot's of climbing, great single track and a mix of weather took it's toll on my body. Started out at a pretty conservative pace, leading the group for the first 10km or so, a slight break in the group and I chilled and let it go. It's a long race and I've seen that happen before.

Body started to do some strange things in the first half of the race but mentally pushed it aside and continued to push along. Things went downhill on the second lap as what I thought was heat stroke kicked in. Stubborn as I am and with a pretty twisted threshold of pain I kept pushing along holding on to a top 5 overall finish and second in division. Unfortunately this also got me a trip to the hospital for a lube, oil and filter. It was not the most enjoyable post race meals I've ever had, didn't taste as good as the burgers that were being cooked up at the venue.

The heat that came blasting in got to me, with little to know real training in it over the last few months when it hit it hit hard. Overall a great race, minus the hospital stuff. Would have been great not slowing down to snail's pace during the second lap, normally where I shine is later in the race. Not this time. I'd recommend this race to anyone up for an epic challenge.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Spread thin

With Spak racing the 100 miler, most the crew out of the country in Quebec and myself across the pond, the team was reping all over the place.

Im sure the others will post something up regarding their repective races, as per their contract.

The Dalby world cups was again a road race on dirt with groups forming early after getting shattered by high winds. After a while it was just a race within a race. About 10 of us were battling hard for 80th, sounds crazy but when your out there its just trying to kill every guy infront of you.

Rode aggresivly and fought hard to end.

Today AWI hit up the olympic course just outside london, pics to follow of that excursion.

Up next Offenburg.

Friday, 13 May 2011


Next goal for the team is to have more than 2 people at a single event. It was up to Liz, Jacob and myself (owner/vice-president) to represent at the Barrie Cycling Club 15 TT out at the fairgrounds in Oro.

Liz was on Photography duty while Jacob and I tackled the TT course in our respective categories. Jacob in the Eddy Merckx category and myself in the newly formed MTB with slicks category. We'll call it the Killen category.

We met up on Bass lake sideroad for a team warmup, and then rolled into rave reviews of the kits, people were pleasantly surprised to see a kit that will stand out.

Jacob and myself both topped our cats, I also accomplished my goal of besting Jack on my MTB, even though he doesn't accept it as I was riding slicks.

all for now,

Monday, 9 May 2011

Interclub Road Race

My name is Tristan Spurr and I'll be your host today.

This past weekend was the first Interclub race.The Race started at the 15/16th side road and the 7th.We had a team meeting before the start and Watson decided to use similar starting tactics  as used by Tammy during her race at Mansfeild. Team director Watson informed me (Tristan) that the first lap was mine and I was to pin it for the 15km first lap (he was joking but didn't clarify so I did it anyway).Thought it was weird but I'm not one to challenge a famous World Cup competitor.

Gun went off and so did my MTB style start.Went into TT mode and didn't take my foot off the pedal. Apparently there was a pretty large gap between the AWI three and the rest of the pack.I wasn't about to  shut her down until the lap was over and Watson realizing this made him think if I didn't shut it down it could cause some anger within the group, he then road to Jacob and mentioned that we had lost the pack.Jacobs response was "good".Watson then jumped in front of me to slow it down, I of course thought he was giving me a break and as soon as he dropped back I put the power back to full.After I noticed Andrew and Jacob dropping back a bit I realized I should turn it down and join the group.

Unfortunately that hole start thing kind of left a sour taste in everyones mouth and set the tone for the rest of the race.No one really wanted to work with any one and the group never really got organized.There were a lot of little random attacks wich caused both spak and I to fall off the group.Jacob Stayed up for most of it but apparently the group split on the final lap leaving him split from Watson.Watson allegedly through down one last attempt to catch the lead group but couldn't  reel them in before the finish.

Solid ride by the team but we still have some work to do.Maybe a training camp or two...Thanks to the clubs for an awesome day in the sun and also a round of applause to Elizabeth for working the corner....It was hot for me, I can only imagine what it was like for her....



Tuesday, 3 May 2011

My turn

Tammy here, since Jacob wrote the Paris to Ancaster report, Andrew wrote a South Africa world cup report and every other AWI team member wasn't racing it was up to me to write down my thoughts about Mansfield.

Pre-ride day was solid, did some tempo laps and practiced my starts as per my coaching instructions from my awesome coach Peter. Got to see my best friend Andrew Watson, he was in a very good mood and wasn't grumpy at all.

Race day came around,  my bike was all ready to go thanks to my awesome husband Jeremy who washed and prepped my bike. Lined up with a nice size field of 16 women. Pete told me to kill it off the start so I did. the rest of the race is kind of a blur, finished 6th and was able to hold off three other women who were all within 60 seconds of me.

All for now